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About project (and its regional versions) is provided by a subject with much longer experience than others, even the major ones! Over 22 years tradition in internet speed testing.

year 2001

First version of internet speed test
  • Started under domain (english translation "beginning")


year 2002

Czech internet speed test moved to subdomain

year 2003

Moved again :)

year 2004

Born of the - first standalone domain
  • Registration of the - english translation "speed"

  • From that day to now, grew into TOP 1 Czech republic
    internet speed test.

year 2005
  • Registration and creation of


year 2006-2013

  • Creating national versions of speed test server in the Europe with sense of language differences.

  • Developing website(s), optimizing speed test engine, ...

year 2014
  • Creation of

  • Old international not well know website was moved to

year 2015-

  • Obtaining more and more locations for testing servers.

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