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Let´s measure Internet speed together

The project has been measuring Internet access around the world since 2014, on former domain since year 2005 (proof on, and main Czech Republic (EU) version since year 2004 (proof on

Our users carry out tens of thousands of tests every day. Bringing together a larger number of servers (testing points) will allow us to offer not only better coverage, but also, and most of all, more precise Internet measurement than ever before.

Joining our network will give you valuable data from direct testing of your users, and it will make you part of a project contributing to the development and improvement of Internet access services.

Will you join us?

You just need to install our testing server.

Hosting our test server offers benefits to Internet service providers (ISP) and web hosting companies. But anyone who has a physical or virtual server can join.


Easy installation. If you can manage basic Linux server administration, you will not encounter any problems with installation. We will send you detailed instructions and will be happy to help if needed.

Or we can take care of the installation for you, if you wish.


Our testing server does not need to run under a superuser (ROOT) account; on the contrary, it requires NON-ROOT user, i.e. without administrative privileges.

The test server does not block further use on a specific IP address.

The server works primarily on ports 8080 and 8443 (can be changed).

It is not a problem if you already host another speed measurement system on your server. Our software can be host on the same server.


Server hosting will give you.

  • valuable data from tests carried out on your server, which can give you insights into the user patterns of your customers.
  • reliable and independent evaluation. We have been involved in Internet measurement for more than 13 years and our users perform more than 50 thousand tests every day.
  • points for your brand. You will become a partner in a project with a global reach. We have testing points all over the world.
  • a promo on the website, or on one of the national-level versions. Your brand will be seen by our testers.
  • a testing server that you administer. This is attractive mainly to Internet service providers. A condition is the guarantee that the speed of Internet connection is the same or higher as your users.


What servers we are looking for

To ensure the best quality of connection speed testing, it is important that the participating servers are hosted in data centers with a high network bandwidth.

Network requirements

  • 1 Gbits or more

Hardware requirements

  • 1-core CPU @ 2.0 GHz or higher
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Can be virtual (KVM, XEN, VMWARE)

Software requirements

  • Linux (Debian, Ubuntu or other)